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Celebrate Earth Day - demand more government action for river conservation and salmon restoration

April 22 Earth Day marks the anniversary of the modern environmental movement's birth in 1970.

Lets celebrate Earth Day by writing to our government officials for more action on river conservation and protection of critically endangered west coast USA salmon populations. Lobbyists talk to our government every day to encourage destruction of the environment. Government will not protect the environment unless we the people demand it!!

Irrigation of poisoned lands in the western San Joaquin valley has destroyed California rivers from north to south.

The Trinity River, California Delta and San Joaquin River have all been destroyed to enable irrigation of toxic soils in the western San Joaquin Valley. The federal government has been unable to come up with a solution for the selenium, arsenic, boron and other toxic wastes that are produced by this foolish project. Now the feds want to evade their responsibilities, transfer the cleanup job to the farmers and reward them with an indefinite contract for cheap taxpayer-subsidized water so they can continue polluting the environment in the future. Please write to your US Congressional representatives - the San Luis Drainage Resolution Act must be defeated. (Oppose the San Luis Drainage Resolution Act - bad for taxpayers, bad for California's environment - BRT Insights)

Destruction of our rivers is now driving the west coast USA salmon towards extinction.

Trinity/Klamath River salmon were devastated in 1963 when too much of the Trinity River was diverted into the Sacramento River (Friends of Trinity River - Trinity Division History). In recent years excessive amounts of Sacramento River water have been diverted to southern California to support irrigation of poisoned soils in the western San Joaquin Valley; this is a major factor in the crash of the Central Valley salmon populations. The toxic wastes that are generated poison the San Joaquin River and return north to poison the California Delta and San Francisco Bay.(Conservation Groups Oppose San Luis Drainage Resolution Act - Indybay)

Please support restoration of salmon and the fishermen who depend upon them. (California Salmon Closure 2008 - Ten Actions You Need to Take Now! - CPR 20april2008)

California residents contact your legislators about river conservation issues.

For more information:
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