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More support for habitat restoration and recreational access in the California Delta

Support AB2502 - Yolo & Solano County residents please write to your County Supervisors.

AB2502 legislation proposed by Assemblywoman Lois Wolk (D-Davis) will improve habitat for critically endangered fish species in the California Delta. In addition this will "create a 'Delta Ecological Restoration and Recreation Area' that would allow increased angling, hunting and other recreational access, something sorely needed in a state where public access to our natural resources is rapidly dwindling." (Wolk Bill - CPR 03april2008.)

Support California Delta habitat restoration for fish and recreational access for outdoorsmen.

Today I talked to Chris Unkel, director of public policy for Ducks Unlimited, Western Region which is sponsoring AB2502. All California residents should support AB2502 by contacting their state senate & assembly representatives.
California State Legislature - Find Your Legislator & Contact Information.
Know Your Legislators -

In addition, Yolo & Solano County residents should support AB2502 by contacting the county supervisor for the district in which they live.
Yolo County Board of Supervisors.
Solano County Board of Supervisors.

Yolo County Supervisor Mariko Yamada
represents my neighborhood in City of Davis. I have sent her an email strongly expressing my support of AB2502 and requesting a response explaining her position on this issue.

Whitewater kayakers & rafters should pay attention to this flatwater issue in the California Delta.

Whitewater boaters (like me) typically lose interest in water once it reaches the flatlands, but the Governor who won't increase our taxes is proposing a multi-billion dollar program of dam & canal construction. Guess who will be paying for that if it is enacted into law!! We need to unite with fishermen and other outdoorsmen to support restoration of the California Delta. If we allow all of the fish to be driven to extinction, then there will be one less reason preventing the developers from damming all of the rivers and taking away all of the water.

For more information:
Wolk Bill Will Provide Fishing Access, Habitat Restoration in California Delta - CPR 03april2008.
Support for habitat restoration in the California Delta - BRT Kayaking 25mar2008.
California Delta Water Supply Policy & CA River Conservation.
California Delta Directory - Water Policy, Conservation & Recreation. (75 sites).

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Yolo County Supervisor Mariko Yamada replied to my email and
said that she supports AB2502.
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