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California needs innovative, aggressive water supply policy solutions for the future

"... here is a water package based on improving efficiency and developing local supplies that could transform California's water landscape to a sustainable future with a vibrant economy, robust agricultural sector and healthy environment. First, we must monitor and measure all water uses in California, including both surface and groundwater. ... Second, let's set a goal of improving the efficiency of both urban and agricultural water uses by 20 percent by 2020." "Third, we must expand the thinking of what constitutes new (water) supply. ... In the 21st century, it must mean integrated management of surface and groundwater, storm water treatment and use, and the development of drought-proof water sources, such as reuse of highly treated wastewater and desalination." (State needs innovative, aggressive water solutions - Sacramento Bee 01june2008)

Don't raise my taxes to perpetuate the failed water policies of the past!

I oppose the dinosaur-brains of the 20th century who just want to build more costly, destructive, wasteful and inefficient dams for water storage. Our bankrupt state cannot afford to build giant expensive dams just to allow cities and agriculture to continue their current wasteful and inefficient styles of water use. What a horrid, awful place California would become if they were allowed to realize their dreams of destroying every river and every mountain valley with an ugly dam and a stagnant, stinking reservoir!!

I support investing in greater water use efficiency, both for urban and agricultural users. I support updating our ancient water laws to allow more sensible management of our surface and groundwater resources. I support treatment and use of stormwater and wastewater. I support desalination of saltwater, especially when powered by green power sources such as wind and solar.

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