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Mystery of the Nile River - IMAX movie review

WOW, river-lovers will LOVE it !!!

Whitewater Adventure on the Nile River.

The Mystery of the Nile movie tells the story of the first descent via raft & kayak from the origin of the Blue Nile River at Lake Tana in Ethiopia all the way to the Mediterranean Sea near Alexandria, Egypt. Low level aerial photography provided spectacular views of the Nile River. I instinctively read the water for boating routes, obstacles, whitewater excitement, and places where portages would be needed. The movie describes the people in the boating team and some of the local people they met along the way. They also visited some interesting historical and archaeological sites.

Whitewater kayakers, rafters & canoeists should see this movie !!

Hopefully you can find this movie playing at an IMAX theatre. The giant IMAX movie screen and the throbbing, pounding sound system gets you as close to the whitewater river action as a movie possibly can. The movie tells a great story and provides great action and great scenery. (***** - my rating 5 stars out of 5 - outstanding!)

There is also a Mystery of the Nile DVD version of the movie that you can watch at home and a Mystery of the Nile book that provides more pictures and descriptions of the journey.
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DVD Rental.
Mystery of the Nile - Netflix.

Geographic landmarks along the Nile River.

• Lake Tana, Ethiopia (N 12.04201 E 37.31918) origin of the Blue Nile River (A).
• Khartoum Sudan (N 15.59990 E 32.53326) confluence with the White Nile River (B).
• Aswan Dam, Egypt (N 23.96978 E 32.87727) (C).
• Nile R enters Mediterranean Sea (N 31.46147 E 30.37033) (D).

Map of the Nile River journey from the headwaters to the sea.

(To get a full-screen map - RightClick on the Google logo - Open link in new tab.)

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