Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Garmin GPSMap 76S is a useful tool for outdoor exploration.

Get coordinates for all of the landmarks that you encounter on your journey.

The Garmin GPSMap 76S is a waterproof, portable device that uses global positioning satellites to determine the coordinates for your location. This requires a clear view of a large portion of the sky. It works in many river canyons where a part of the sky is obscured by the canyon walls. It is useful to mark the locations of all the interesting landmarks that you encounter during your journeys. For example, on a whitewater river kayaking trip we may want to locate put-ins, take-outs, whitewater rapids, logjams, side creek hiking locations, playboating spots, etc.

Locate your landmarks on the map when you get home.

Acme Mapper online topographic maps are really excellent!! Acme Mapper provides road maps, topographic maps and satellite maps all in one convenient location. Coordinates from your GPS unit or any other source can be easily located on the maps. DoubleClick anywhere on the maps to learn the coordinates for that location. Landmark locations can be marked and labeled on the map and then your custom map can be posted on your blog or other website.

Posting Acme Mapper Topographic Maps on your Site.
Using Acme Mapper Topographic Maps.

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