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IrfanView software for enhancement of digital photographs.

Whitewater river kayaking is a very challenging environment for action photography.

It is difficult to take pictures of moving kayakers, rafters & canoeists while I am bouncing around in the river in my own kayak. Usually the best I can do is point and shoot in the general direction of my subject and hope for the best. There is never time to make adjustments of all the setting options that my Olympus 720SW waterproof camera offers to perfect the pictures at the time they are taken. Thus, whitewater paddleboating and playboating pictures from river trips always need some enhancement after I get home.

IrfanView software helps to make your whitewater kayaking photos look their best !!

IrfanView photo editing software can be downloaded from the Internet and installed on your computer. Donations to the software designer are highly recommended to help ensure the continued development of this great little software.

IrfanView has all of the basic tools needed for easy, quick & simple photo enhancement. View-Fullscreen zooms the pictures for easy previewing. Kayaking pictures almost always need to be cropped. Kayaking is done out in the bright mid-day sunshine, so pictures often need color adjustments for bright spots and dark shadows. Using the Auto Adjust Colors tool often is all that is needed, but the Color Correction tool can be used to make manual color adjustments. Pictures that are uploaded to the Internet need to be resized to economize on download times and storage space. I typically resize & sharpen the pictures to a width of 400 - 600 pixels wide for display on the Internet.

IrfanView also has a very powerful batch conversion tool that enables many photo enhancements to be applied automatically to an entire folder of pictures.

IrfanView is a great software! For many digital photographers IrfanView provides all of the photo editing tools that they will ever need. (**** - my rating 4 stars out of 5 - recommended!)

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