Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Kayak: The New Frontier, second edition 2007 (book review).

Animated Manual of Intermediate and Advanced Whitewater Technique for paddle boaters and oar boaters making river trips.

This manual of whitewater river boating technique was written for kayakers, but the information is also highly relevant for whitewater canoeists, rafters and dory boaters. An incredible amount of valuable river running and river safety information is provided in a very entertaining and well illustrated format. Chapters include Paddle Fu, Hydrotopography, Air Traffic Control, Swimming Self Rescue, Self Rescue, River Rescue, The Joy of Flood & Big Water Technique, First Aid for River Runners, Appendix and Glossary of Riverese.

This second edition is an update of the classic manual of intermediate and advanced whitewater river boating technique. I'm glad that this book has gotten the modernization it needed to remain relevant to the new generations of whitewater boaters. Illustrations have been edited just to show the shorter kayaks that most of us have switched to in recent years. The text has been updated in just a few places, because no other updates were needed. Although river kayak designs have evolved over the years, the whitewater rivers and the techniques that we need to navigate them remain pretty much the same. Those who already have the first edition of this book (see my book review) need not rush out and buy the second edition.

All whitewater boaters who want to advance to the intermediate and advanced levels should definitely read "Kayak: The New Frontier." I give this book my highest recommendation (***** 5 stars).

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