Thursday, November 20, 2008


Klamath River Access Guide - From Road to River's Edge (book review).

Describes access points along the middle section of the Klamath River, Siskiyou County, California USA.

"Find your spot with our easy-to-use guide. Includes river map and complete descriptions of both developed and undeveloped river accesses - from the posted to the local favorites. Plus a listing of area services and resources, and historical notes."

This booklet gives very brief descriptions of 67 river access points on the middle Klamath River from Iron Gate to Weitchpec. It also contains a good list of local resources. Unfortunately the brief descriptions are often too brief. The booklet contains a large area map, but no detailed maps of the individual access points. Campsites are described, but there is no practical information about how to reserve a campsite (if that is even necessary or possible to do). Some places are closed for the "winter," but no dates are given to specify exactly when that is. This little booklet provides a little information at a little price, but not enough of anything to be very useful. I rate this book as poor (* 1 star out of 5).

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