Sunday, November 23, 2008


Whitewater River Kayaking Portals

Portals are typically large sites, often providing a range of information to an interactive community of users.

Playak. (PR5) Articles, Boat Reviews, Boat Specs, Calendar, Flows, Links Kayahoo, Map, Playak for GPS, Spots per Region, News, Event Reports, Forum Watch, News Watch, Press Releases, Product News, Results, Community, Blogs, Chat, Classifieds, Forums, Map, Memberlist, My Profile, Photos, Playak Wiki, Playak Social, Videos, Playak email, Shop, Publish at Playak.

Paddling.Net. (PR5) Kayaking, canoeing, gear guide, go paddling, articles, reviews, classified ads, community, shopping.

Eddyflower. (PR4) River Guide, Boats, Travel, Photos, Forums, Classifieds, Events, Links. (PR4) My page, forum, members, skills, photos, videos, events, reviews, store, groups.

AllAboutRivers. (PR4) Whitewater Trips, Whitewater Outfitters, e-Guidebook, Kayak Shops, Kayak Schools, Shuttle Services, Raft Rentals, Streamflows, Boaters Forums, Gear Review, Event Calendar, Links, River Towns, e-Postcards, Online Store, Book Lodging.

Kayakmind. (PR4) My page, community, photos, video, blogs, events, store, articles, resources.

My Kayaking Buddies. (PR4) Blogs, Forums, Photo Album, Buy & Sell, Discussions, Questions & Answers, Tips & Tricks, Pictures, Professional Listings.

Wellsphere - Whitewater River Kayaking. (PR3) Health & wellness website with a whitewater river kayaking component. Articles, Q & A, News, Communities, Pictures, Videos, Discussions, Featured WellSites, Health Experts, Members, Web Resources.

Local Paddler. (PR3) News, riverskills, gallery, forum, store.

More information:
Whitewater River Kayaking Directory - BRT Insights.
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