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The American River: North, Middle & South Forks, 1989 - book review.

Hiking, whitewater kayaking, rafting & canoeing, history & ecology of NF, MF & SF American River, Placer County & El Dorado County, California USA.

The American River: North, Middle & South Forks describes hiking, boating, history & ecology of the American River watershed. These topics are typically separated into different specialized books, but this book brings all these topics together to provide a really great resource for outdoor recreation in the American River canyon.

The American River canyon provides a multitude of outdoor recreation activities to enjoy. For those who like to hike this book provides maps and descriptions of 34 trails along the NF and MF American River. The three forks of the American River include many miles of whitewater rapids that are excellent for paddleboating. The book describes whitewater on NF American River including the Chamberlain Falls Run, Shirttail Run, Lake Clementine, and down to the confluence with the MF American River. In the MF American River the book describes the Tunnel Chute Run and the class II section all the way to the confluence. On SF American River there are descriptions of the sections from the Chili Bar Run to Salmon Falls Bridge.

The human history of the American River is described from the Native Americans through the Gold Rush period.

The ecology of local plants, birds and fishes in the American River watershed is well described and nicely illustrated.

Published in 1989, this book was written by some of the activists fighting against the recently rejected Auburn Dam proposal. Lets celebrate their work towards preservation of the American River canyon.

I rate this book as great, a remarkable book about a remarkable river (**** 4 stars out of 5).

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