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SOAR - Skills On All Rivers: Intermediate and Advanced Kayaking Technique, VHS 2000 - review.

SOAR - Skills On All Rivers: Intermediate and Advanced Kayaking Technique [VHS video] describes techniques for whitewater river kayaking with the modern short boat style of kayaks. "Just as kayak designs have evolved, so have the paddling techniques needed to take advantage of them. 'SOAR' follows some of the best paddlers in the world on a breathtaking journey to the Zambezi River in Africa and to the magical creeks of New Zealand while introducing the skills needed for intermediate and advanced kayakers to excel. Learn 'The Golden Rules of Kayaking', optimize your strokes, improve your creek boating, and polish your big water paddling."

Three golden rules for whitewater river kayaking paddling technique.

1. Separate the movements of upper and lower body. It is critical to be able to paddle with the upper body while independently using the lower body to steer and edge the boat with knee and hip action.

2. Torso rotation.
a.) Power paddle strokes with torso rotation. Torso rotation muscles provide your best power and endurance to power your paddle.
b.) Turn your kayak with torso rotation. With the new short kayak designs first look where you want to go as you wind up your torso. Second plant your paddle blade on the inside of the desired turn as a pivot. Third unwind your torso back to a neutral position while using torso muscles to pull the kayak into the desired direction. This is opposite of the old methods for long kayaks where we used the paddle on the outside of the turn to push the kayak into the desired direction!!

3. Keep an active paddle blade in the water at all times to maintain control of your kayak. Whenever there is no paddle in the water a modern short kayak can be knocked off course easily and quickly even by tiny waves or currents.

Optimizing your kayaking paddle strokes.

The video demonstrates how to apply the golden rules of kayak paddling to your sweep stroke, draw stroke and back stroke.

Advanced techniques for whitewater river running.

The video demontrates and discusses techniques for eddy turns, river running safety, creek boating, and big water boating.

I rate this video as outstanding (***** 5 stars out of 5).

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