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Scenic waterfall videos from MF Kings River in Kings Canyon National Park, California 30june2009.

Devil's Washbowl (a.k.a. Hell Hole) is an awesome sight! (Inyo County, CA, USA.)

BruceH Jr reported seeing some kayakers hiking their boats over a pass at 12,000 ft elevation and coming down to access this section of MF Kings River. Observation Creek drains the west side of Observation Peak and joins the MF Kings River just a few miles south of the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. Devil's Washbowl (a.k.a. Hell Hole) on MF Kings River is accessible via the Middle Fork Trail just downstream from the Observation Creek confluence.

Observation Creek flowing into MF Kings River, Kings Canyon National Park.

Devil's Washbowl on MF Kings River, Kings Canyon National Park.

Kings River canyon - landmarks for Whitewater Rafting, Canoeing & Kayaking.

      N 37.02092 W 118.57887 Observation Creek confluence with MF Kings River (A)
      N 37.01777 W 118.58248 Devil's Washbowl a.k.a Hell Hole (B)

Kings River map for Devil's Washbowl (a.k.a. Hell Hole).

How to use the online interactive topographic river maps & road maps.
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Full-Screen River Map - landmarks on the Kings River.
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Environmental Protection & Outdoor Activities in our Amazing River Canyons.

Kings River Watershed Directory - Conservation & Recreation. Websites for the Kings River Valley. (1&2=paddlesports-kayaking-rafting-canoeing, 3=conservation-environment, 4=fishing, 5=camping-hiking, 6=other-websites)

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