Friday, November 13, 2009


Organic sports drinks made from healthy natural fruit juices for kayakers, rafters and other extreme athletes.

Homemade sports drinks help to prevent dehydration and provide the nutritional value from the fruit.

High quality organic fruit juices can be diluted with high quality pure water to produce great tasting sports drinks. The recipe for Hydration Fruit-Ade shows how to dilute any bottled organic fruit juice to the precise sugar concentration needed in a sports drink.

Organic juices that still taste great when diluted in the Fruit-Ade recipe:
• Zola Brazilian Superfruits - Acai Blueberry.
• Woodstock Farms - Pure Pineapple.
• R.W. Knudsen - Orange Carrot.
• Lakewood - Pomegranate Blueberry.
• R.W. Knudsen - Just Tart Cherry
• Santa Cruz Natural - Red Tart Cherry.
You may grow to like the light refreshing taste of these diluted organic juices and adopt the Fruit-Ade sports drink recipe for all of your daily fruit juice consumption as I have. This has the added benefit of stretching your fruit juice costs over a greater volume of drinks.

If the diluted organic fruit juices need a little more sweetness or flavor enhancement to satisfy your sweet tooth then you can add stevia natural sweetener.
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