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Pixtra PanoStitcher software for panoramic photography of river canyon landscapes.

Panoramic photography provides the wide view needed to capture the full beauty of river valley landscapes.

The compact digital cameras that many kayakers, rafters & canoeists carry on whitewater river paddleboating trips have limited zoom capabilities and no replacement lens options, so the full width of a beautiful river valley landscape often cannot be captured in a single photo.

Panoramic photography is done by taking a series of overlapping photos which can later be assembled into a single seamless photo. I use this technique frequently whenever a single photo cannot capture the wide landscape scene that I want to photograph. Panoramic photography can be done with any camera. No tripod or special equipment is required. I just try to have 1/3 of each picture overlaping with the next one and try to keep the camera level as I move from one photo to the next.

Pixtra PanoStitcher software allows these series of overlapping photos to be assembled into beautiful seamless panoramic photos. After loading two or more photos into the PhotoBench most panoramas are quickly and easily created by the Stitch and Blend functions in PanoStitcher.

Pixtra PanoStitcher screenshot

Panoramic Photography Galleries.

Some of my recent panoramic photos made with PanoStitcher are online at Cache Creek Wildlife Area hiking trip. Older panoramic photos that I assembled with PhotoShop Elements software are online at Death Valley panoramas.

PanoStitcher is a great software! The free trial version is fully functional for stitching two photos together. The full software costs only $30 to assemble larger panoramas from multiple photos. (**** - my rating 4 stars out of 5 - recommended!)

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