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Whitewater Rescue Manual - New Techniques for Canoeists, Kayakers and Rafters - 1995 book review.

River Safety & Rescue Methods for White Water Paddleboaters & Swiftwater Rescuers.

"In Whitewater Rescue Manual, two paddlers who have long been at the forefront of whitewater safety and rescue present a tightly focused look at the best, most current techniques for both self-rescue and rescue of others on the river. The authors provide well-reasoned guidance that will teach you when to stay with the boat and when not to; how to retrieve a lost boat; how to swim out of trouble and when not to swim; how to reach a victim by wading, swimming, or using ropes; how to coordinate a rescue effort; how to make sure that would-be rescuers don't become victims; how to properly perform first aid and safely evacuate injured paddlers; and much more. This well-illustrated guide is essential reading for canoeists, kayakers, and rafters of all levels--as well as river guide trainees, participants in river rescue courses, and whitewater instructors."
The book has chapters on: Keeping out of trouble, Equipment safety check, Swimming & wading, Throw ropes, Swimming & Line-based rescues, Recovering pinned boats, Retrieving runaway boats, In-boat entrapments, First aid, Evacuation, Advanced river rescue skills, Knots, Safety code of the AWA.

Whitewater Rescue Manual - Critical Analysis.

"Whitewater Rescue Manual" is an excellent resource on whitewater rescue for advanced paddleboaters. The book needs much more basic river safety information for beginning boaters. For example, there is little or no information about how to recognize safety hazards on the river. The basic river safety & river rescue information that is provided is scattered throughout the book mixed together with information for advanced boaters and swiftwater rescue professionals.

Overall, I rate "Whitewater Rescue Manual" as a good resource for whitewater river rafters, kayakers & canoeists (*** 3 stars out of 5).

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