Monday, February 13, 2012


Many California State Parks at risk for closure

Will this spring be our last chance to hike the trails at many of these parks?

"Want to run a state park? With the California Department of Parks and Recreation facing the prospect of having to cut $22 million from the coming year's budget, the agency is looking seriously at finding people and groups to take over the operation – or at least the funding – of parks slated for closure." (Workshops set for group interested in running state parks - Sacramento Bee 12feb2012 )

"Slowly but surely, nonprofits and local communities are exploring what they can do to keep open the 70 state parks slated to close on July 1. So far, 10 parks have been removed from the closure list. The latest is a gem in our region, the South Yuba River State Park, with a lovely canyon and covered bridge, near Grass Valley." (School kids show the state why parks should be open to all - Sacramento Bee 12feb2012 )

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