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Publicise your blog - 1 keywords.

Your closest friends and relatives probably learned about your blog via an email from you, but there are many others out there who might be interested in reading your blog if they only knew about it. Keywords, content, hyperlinks, comments, online directories and search engines are the main factors that enable interested people to find your blog.

It needs a community effort! The better we each publicize our own blogs, the easier it will be for all blogs to gain online publicity. Here are some tips for helping us all to gain more readers for our blogs.

A. Keywords.

Many people locate interesting blogs by searching for keywords in a search engine. Thus, it is critical to think hard about what main subjects you will cover in your blog. Make a list. Which keywords or keyphrases should the search engines use to decide when to put your blog into somebody's search results? The search engines are trying their best, but you have to help them out!!

B. Types of keywords.

Topic keywords. Be sure to include all of the keywords that identify your topic including variations on the words (singular vs plural, slang, acronyms, synonyms, abbreviations and common misspellings)
Geographic keywords. Be sure to include full geographic information in every post so the international readers know what part of the world you are writing about (e.g. county, state and country).
Audience keywords. Be sure to include keywords to identify the types of readers who might be interested to read each of your posts.

C. Online tools for choosing keywords.

Enter your topic keywords and these sites will suggest additional related words or phrases that might be added to your keyword list.
Keyword Suggestion Tool - digitalpoint
Keyword Selector - Yahoo Search Marketing

D. Where to use keywords.

Everywhere possible!! Repeat them as often as possible throughout your blog!!

(In future posts I will write blog publicity tips on hyperlinks, comments, online directories and search engines.) See Tips for Bloggers.

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