Saturday, February 04, 2006


Tips for Bloggers (subtopic)

Making my first blog has been a real learning experience.

Blogging Basics

About My Blog and About Blogging.
Newsfeeds give choices about how you want to read the online news.
Read my newsfeeds for whitewater kayaking in California.
ClustrMaps show geographic locations of blog visitors.
Web 2.0 services make it easy to become an online author.
How to Post a Comment on BRT Kayaking Blog.
Why Post a Comment on BRT Kayaking Blog.

Newsfeed Basics

1 What is a newsfeed?
2 Reading Individual Newsfeeds.
3 Reading Multiple Newsfeeds.
Newsfeeds bring the online news that you want to read.

Publicise Your Blog

1 keywords.
2 hyperlinks.
3 register in online directories.
4 register with Technorati.
5 Comments and Discussion.
6 Thanks to the other sites that help publicize my articles 09april2008.
6 Outgoing Hyperlinks Help Your Blog to Earn Higher Ranks at the Search Engines.


Blog Directory of Directories.

Do you need a blog ??

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