Thursday, October 19, 2006


Experiencing the Multiple Dimensions of Whitewater Kayaking

The multiple dimensions of kayaking have kept me interested in the sport for all these years. Rivers provide a dynamic environment, always moving, always changing, never the same from moment to moment. Whitewater river trips typically provide periods of frantic excitement interspersed with periods of calm. As captains of our own boats, kayakers get immediate rewards when things go right and immediate consequences when things go wrong. Whether running a whitewater river or playboating, kayaking provides many mental and physical challenges that always provide new things to learn and new things to do. Along the way there can be many other memorable things such as the weather, the geology of the river canyon, the wildlife, and the antics of our fellow kayakers. I like traveling to explore new rivers and revisiting favorite rivers. I enjoy the exercise and the fresh air, I like watching other whitewater kayakers and learning from them, and I like teaching what I know to others. Mark Twain said that rivers have "a new story to tell every day" and I couldn't agree more.

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