Friday, January 18, 2008


America's Wild and Scenic Rivers - National Geographic Society (book review)

"Beautiful and ever in motion, rivers inspire the imagination,

with the immmense scale of a canyon-carving torrent or the miniature world of a fingerling salmon or a tiny water strider."

A series of authors tell short stories about their travels paddling on Wild and Scenic rivers across the USA in canoes, rafts and kayaks. They describe the rivers together with the people and the wildlife that inhabit the river canyons. There are discussions of the history of the rivers, as well as current and future controversies about conservation vs. development of our rivers. Richly illustrated with the beautiful pictures for which National Geographic is famous, the book tells a compelling story of what is special about our rivers and what is lost when a river is drowned under a reservoir.

More about:
* California Rivers Protected in the National Wild & Scenic Rivers Program.
* Reviews - Books, Videos, & Websites for Whitewater River Kayaking.
* River Conservation, Flood Protection and Water Policy in California.

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