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Posting Topographic Maps from Acme Mapper on your Website

Interactive online maps are so incredibly great for pre-trip planning and post-trip documentation!!

Acme Mapper provides maps that can be displayed on other websites, blogs, etc. in an iframe or can be accessed via a hyperlink. See the instruction sheet from Acme - Using Acme Mapper and the BRT Insights - mapping instructions.

1. Setting up your map.

* At Acme Mapper choose Map, Satellite or Topo style of map
* Click on Markers button and clear out all previous markers
* Find, zoom and pan to view the desired section of map
* Mark and name the desired landmarks on the map
* Re-zoom and pan to position the map exactly as needed

2. Hyperlinking to your map.

* At Acme Mapper click on Link to this page
* Copy the URL from the address box in the web browser software
(warning URLs will be long especially if you have added markers to your map)
* This URL will recreate the map position and markers that you have set in step 1 above.
* You can hyperlink to this URL on other web pages or in blog posts, etc.

3. Posting your map on a blog or website.

* Use the following iframe code to display your map on a blog or another website
* Use the long URL generated in step 2 above.

[iframe src="" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" height="535" scrolling="auto" width="682"] [/iframe]

(In the iframe code above replace the URL with the URL for your map generated in step 2 above. And replace the square brackets [ ] with angle brackets < >.)

See examples of Acme maps used on my blog:
* California Whitewater River Guides - BRT Insights.
* Hiking Trip Reports - BRT Insights.

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