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California Whitewater River Map & Guides (subtopic)

Paddle boating information for kayakers, rafters & canoeists.

Descriptions of over 257 river runs in California and nearby. Focusing on the class II, III & IV whitewater river runs. California River Guides listed geographically.

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Alphabetical List

Albion River, CA Wild & Scenic.
American River, USA Wild & Scenic.
Antelope Ck - Payne to Dairyville (III+).
Battle Creek - Coleman Run (III+).
Bear Creek (Colusa County).
Bear Creek (Shasta County)
Bear River - Ben Taylor Run (II+).
Big Sur River, USA Wild & Scenic.
Butte Creek near Chico (II+).
Cache Creek, CA Wild & Scenic.
Calaveras River Overview.
Cal Salmon River, USA Wild & Scenic.
Carmel River Overview.
Carson River, CA Wild & Scenic.
Central & South Coast Rivers Overview.
Chowchilla River Overview.
Clear Creek.
Coarsegold Creek.
Colorado River Lower Section.
Cosumnes River Overview.
Cottonwood Creek Overview.
Deer Creek, CA Wild & Scenic.
Eel River, USA Wild & Scenic.
Elder Creek
Feather River, USA Wild & Scenic.
Fresno River.
Gualala River, CA Wild & Scenic.
Kaweah River Overview.
Kern River, USA Wild & Scenic.
Kings River, USA Wild & Scenic.
Klamath River, USA Wild & Scenic.
Little Sur River.
Mad River Overview.
Mattole River Overview.
McCloud River, CA Wild and Scenic.
McCloud River Upper Run (III).
Merced River, USA Wild & Scenic.
Mill Creek, CA Wild & Scenic.
Mokelumne River Overview.
Navarro River Overview.
North Coast Rivers Overview.
Noyo River Overview.
Ocean Surf Kayaking California Coast.
Owens River, USA Wild & Scenic.
Piru Creek, USA Wild & Scenic.
Pit River Overview.
Putah Creek Overview.
Rancheria Creek (II+).
Redwood Creek Overview.
Russian River Overview.
Sacramento River Overview.
Sacramento River Tributaries.
Salinas River Overview.
San Antonio Creek.
San Gabriel River Overview.
San Joaquin River Overview.
San Joaquin River Parkway.
San Lorenzo River Overview.
Santa Clara River Overview.
Santa Margarita River.
Santa Ynez River Overview.
Scott River, USA Wild & Scenic.
Sespe Creek, USA Wild & Scenic.
SF Bay Area Creeks & Rivers Overview.
Shasta River - Yreka to Klamath (III).
Sisquoc River, USA Wild & Scenic.
Smith River, USA Wild & Scenic.
Stanislaus River Lower Run.
Stanislaus River Overview.
Stony Creek & Grindstone Creek.
Susan River
Thomes Creek
Trinity River, USA Wild & Scenic.
Truckee River - Runs in CA.
Truckee River - Runs in NV.
Tule River Overview.
Tuolumne River, USA Wild & Scenic.
Van Duzen River, USA Wild & Scenic.
Walker River, CA Wild & Scenic.
Yuba River, CA Wild & Scenic.

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Regional Overviews.

North Coast.
Klamath Basin.
Sacramento Valley.
San Joaquin Regional Overview.
Great Basin Overview.
Central & South Coast.
     San Francisco Bay Area.

Class II

American River - Lower Run (II-).
American River MF Greenwood Bridge (II-).
American River NF - Shirttail Run (II+).
American River SF - C to G Run (II+).
Bear River - Ben Taylor Run (II+).
Butte Creek near Chico (II+).
Cache Creek NF Long Valley Run (II).
Cache Creek - Rumsey Run (II+).
Mokelumne River - Electra Run (II+).
Rancheria Creek (II+).
Sacramento River - Redding to Red Bluff (I-II).
Stanislaus River Lower Run (I-II).
Stony Creek Lower Runs (II).
Tuolumne River Parkway (I-II).

Class III

American River NF-MF Auburn Run (III).
American River NF, Clementine Run (III).
American River SF - Chili Bar Run (III+).
American River SF - Gorge Run (III+).
Antelope Ck - Payne to Dairyville (III+).
Battle Creek - Coleman Run (III+).
Cache Creek Wilderness Run (III+).
Eel River - Outlet Ck to Dos Rios Run (III).
Eel River Pillsbury Run (III).
McCloud River Upper Run (III).
Mokelumne River - Ponderosa Run (III-).
Shasta River - Yreka to Klamath (III).
Trinity River - Pigeon Point Run (III).

Class IV

American River MF Tunnel Chute Run (IV).
Bear Creek (IV).
Mokelumne River NF Tiger Creek Run (IV).

Park & Surf Kayaking Playspots

Kayak Surfing Overview.
American River NF-MF China Bar (III).
American River SF - Barking Dog.
Kern River NF - Camp 3 Wave.
Klamath River Marquis Playspot.
Klamath River Schoolhouse Playspot.
Trinity River - Pigeon Point Rodeo Hole.
Truckee River wwPark, Reno NV.
Truckee River wwPark, Sparks NV.

Wild and Scenic Rivers of California.

W&S Rivers in CA - Additions.
CA's W&S Rivers Program.
CA Rivers in USA W&S Rivers Program.

Brushy Creeks NOT Recommended

Cache Ck NF Above Indian Valley Res (III).
Napa River - St. Helena Run (III).
Putah Creek Lower Run (II/IV).

BRT whitewater guides are composed of 5 sections:

* BRT River Guide pages - listed below.
(Real-time flow data, whitewater rating, description, topographic map, weather.)
* Road map & local businesses - linked from the guide pages.
* BRT River Recreation Directory - linked from the guide pages.
(Lists of websites describing outdoor recreation in and around each of the rivers, whitewater boating, fishing, hiking, camping, conservation vs. development.)
* BRT Kayaking Trip Reports - linked from the guide pages.
* BRT Photo & Video Galleries - linked from the trip report pages.

Online interactive topographic maps are really great!!

* Posting Topographic Maps from Acme Mapper on your Site.
* Using Topographic Maps from Acme Mapper.

Trip planning resources for kayakers, rafters & canoers.

Online whitewater guides can be more up-to-date than any published book could ever hope to be. If you have any information to contribute please click the comment link at the bottom of the blog post (article) where your information should be added.

Lets explore the many whitewater rivers and creeks that California has to offer!!

This guide will focus on class II to class IV whitewater river runs mostly in northern California. For descriptions of additional whitewater runs see California River Guides Cross-listing - Dreamflows.

Many of the river access locations in this whitewater river guide are estimated from old published sources or guessed from map inspection. Please send information about any locations where you have encountered river access problems, and/or any alternative access points where there were no problems. Post your comments on the relevant whitewater river guide pages (click on the comments link at the bottom of the relevant article) or contact me directly. I will update these river guides with the best available information about safe and legal river access locations. Please send in your trip report updates to help make these guides more useful for the boating community.

Whitewater river segments are rated on the International Scale of River Difficulty. California whitewater ratings on this page are for a moderate river flow rate. Difficulty changes over a range of river flow rates are described on the individual river guide pages.

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Disclaimer - How to use this whitewater river paddleboating guide.
Securing our legal rights to whitewater paddleboating in California and Nevada.
California Whitewater River Guides - Geographic Lists,
California River Maps - Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme, 2008.
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