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Chili Bar Run, American River SF, kayaking class III, 19april2008

Whitewater kayaking in California - how great it is!!

BillJ, SusanS, DarleneS, KeithF, Jim & I met at the Post Office in Lotus, California. Then we shuttled up to Chili Bar and met up with Mike. We had 1700 cfs of flow on the Chili Bar Run on SF American River (guide & map) (El Dorado County, California, USA). Just another perfect spring day. I can't think of anywhere I'd rather have been!!

More photos from this kayaking trip.

I had a great time eddy-hopping my kayak down Meatgrinder Rapid. We had some unscheduled excitement at Racehorse Bend Rapid. Then we surfed a bit at Maya Rapid and some more along the way to First Threat Rapid. There was quite a crowd at First Threat. The tiny boat people were really carving up the wave and providing free entertainment while we ate our lunch. Some were surfing here, others were getting surfed, and many were just getting trashed and practicing their eskimo rolls. The still pictures just don't do justice to this place. The water is flying by at 100 mph, the rapid is growling out loud in your ears, and even the best boaters often get munched and spit out here.

Today I ran Troublemaker Rapid for the first time in a long while. I eddy-hopped down the left, tip-toed the narrow line between the hole and the rock and then finished just left of Gunsight Rock.

On the way home BillJ & I picked up Sue who had spent the day at a forward stroke clinic on Lake Natoma. Then we had dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory nearby. Its a tough place for low-carb dieters, but I've always liked their spaghetti sauces and especially the fresh-baked sourdough bread.

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You've got some good pictures of the river, paddlers, shoreline and flowers ... some great shots at First Threat. DarleneS
The author wrote: "We had some unscheduled excitement at Racehorse Bend Rapid." Thanks for putting it delicately. Besides, it wasn't my fault. The sun was in my eyes (excuse #23), my backband was too loose (excuse #19), my thighs slipped out of the braces (excuse #10), and I wasn't used to that boat (excuse #2). Some great shots of another fantastic day on the river. Keith F.
Thanks Keith. When writing a trip report I try to provide an overview of the day and my own personal experiences from the trip. Then its great when others add comments to fill in their own perspectives on the day and improve the trip report.
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