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Navarro River - California River Paddleboating Overview.

Canoeing, River-tubing, Rafting & Kayaking Guide - Mendocino County California, USA.

Real-time Flow - Navarro River.

See gauge location on map below (E).

Paddleboating Runs on Navarro River - put-in location.

Rancheria Creek tributary of the Navarro River.
A. Rancheria Creek Fish Rock Road Run. (10 miles, class II+).
      N 38.91914 W 123.29063, Hwy 128 junction Fish Rock Rd, put-in (A).
      N 38.99397 W 123.43466, Mountain View Road take-out (B).

B. Rancheria Creek Mountain View Road Run. (12 miles, class II+).
      N 38.99397 W 123.43466, Mountain View Road put-in (B).
      N 39.08592 W 123.48457, Hendy Woods St Pk take-out (C).

Navarro River.
C. Navarro River Greenwood-Philo Road to Dimmick Park Run (12 miles, class I+).
      N 39.08592 W 123.48457, Hendy Woods St Pk put-in (C).
      N 39.15752 W 123.63855, Dimmick Memorial Grove St Pk take-out (D).

D. Navarro River Dimmick St Pk to Iron Bridge Run (4 miles, class I).
      N 39.15752 W 123.63855, Dimmick Memorial Grove St Pk put-in (D).
      N 39.17083 W 123.66619, Gaging Station (E).
      N 39.17957 W 123.69628, Navarro River Redwoods SP - Iron Bridge (F).

E. Navarro River Iron Bridge to Hwy 1 Run (4 miles, class I, can be paddled all summer).
      N 39.17957 W 123.69628, Navarro River Redwoods SP - Iron Bridge put-in (F).
      N 39.19668 W 123.74768, Hwy 1 take-out (G).
      Beware the ebb & flow of tides when boating this section of the Navarro River.
      Tide Location Selection for California.

Navarro River map for paddle boaters.

Instructions for online interactive topographic river maps & road maps.
• Full-screen road maps & topographic maps - see below.

Full-Screen River Map - landmarks on the Navarro River.
To see the names of landmarks displayed above (A, B, etc.) - DoubleClick or point on the red markers.

Street Views of the Navarro River.

Greenwood-Philo Road bridge at Hendy Woods St Pk (C).

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Hwy 1 bridge over the Navarro River (G).

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See instructions for using Street View.

Online River Guides & River Flow Data for Paddle Boating.

Navarro River Kayaking, Tubing, Rafting & Canoeing Paddlesports Directory.
(Click on All Tags, click on a river. Display options - alphabetical 100. See section 1.)

Printed Guides for Navarro River Paddle Boating.

Paddling Northern California by Charlie Pike. (pg. 58-63)
Ann Dwyer's Easy Waters of California North, 2000. (pg. 86-89)
West Coast River Touring - Rogue River Canyon and South, 1974. (pg. 166-168)
California River Maps - Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme, 2008.

Navarro River paddleboating reports NEEDED !!

Please send your trip reports from Navarro River canoeing & kayaking trips. Stories, pictures & videos from boating trips will be linked here.
Navarro River by canoe video - mybluehouse 13sept2008.
• See trips & photos from Rancheria Creek (Navarro River tributary).

Outdoor Activities in the Navarro River Canyon.

Navarro River Valley Directory - Conservation & Recreation. Websites for the Navarro River Watershed. (Display options - alphabetical 100. Section 1=kayaking-canoeing, 2=rafting-oarboating, 3=conservation-environment, 4=fishing-driftboating, 5=camping-hiking, 6=other-websites)

More River Information for California:
• Nearby streams: Albion River, Rancheria Creek.
North Coast California River Guides for Paddleboating.
California Whitewater River Guides for Kayaking, Tubing, Canoeing & Rafting.
What to expect from these whitewater river kayaking and rafting guides - BRT Insights.

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Hi; I just wanted to say thanks for posting this information on the web so I could find it! I live in Napa, have an old metal Gruman canoe and am headed up to Hendy Woods State Park this weekend. I was having a hard time getting information from the state parks about where put-in and take-out locations were / are along the Navarro River.
Thanks for the feedback!! Unfortunately the State & National Parks are mostly focused on hikers. Its up to the boating community to share the info about the good places to go boating.

I'd be happy to get trip reports from boaters like you describing your boating trips. Many of the put-in/take-out locations I have posted are best estimates based on published guidebooks that are often quite old. Whenever you have more recent information about exactly where to park, exactly where to access the river and what you encounter on the river I'm eager to post your update info on the site to help other boaters.
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