Friday, July 03, 2009


Ocean Surf Kayaking Skills - paddlesports books & videos.

Kayak playboating in the salty whitewater along the ocean coast.

Techniques for Kayak Surfing.

Kayak Surfing (How to Paddle), 2009 book.
Surf Kayaking: The Essential Guide, 2005 book.
Nigel Foster's Surf Kayaking, 1998 book.
ABCs Of The Surf Zone, DVD video.

Surf Kayaking Skill Demonstrations by the Paddlesport Experts.

UpTime: A Waveski Video, 2008 DVD video.
The Search 2: More Paddlesurf Chronicles, 2009 DVD video.

For more information:
Ocean Surf Kayaking Guide - California Coast - BRT Insights.
US West Coast Kayak Surf Association.
Santa Cruz Kayak Surf Festival - Adventure Sports.
Book & video reviews for whitewater river & ocean kayaking - BRT Insights.

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