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Kayak Surfing on the California Coast - Paddle Boating Overview.

Ocean surf kayak playboating guide - West Coast California USA.

Take your river kayak out into the salt water and have some fun playboating in the surf zone!! Be sure to read up on ocean surfing etiquette before you go to make sure you understand the rules that help keep people safe and minimize conflict in the sometimes crowded surf zone. Also read about skills for surf kayaking in the ocean and/or take a training class on surf zone kayak paddling skills to help ensure fun and safety in the salty surf environment.

Surf Spots on the California Coast.

California surfing spots - WannaSurf. Descriptions of 436 surf spots - surf spot characteristics & beach access maps.

California Surf Reports & Surf Forecasts - swell height & direction, wind & weather, tides.

Those who live near the coast can just drive around and see if the surf is good. Those who live farther inland should check the surf reports before going out because surf conditions are highly variable and unpredictable. Optimum surfing conditions of swell, wind and tide will vary depending upon the angle of the beach and surrounding coastline, height of exposed/submerged rocks and sandbars, skill level of the paddler, etc.
Northern CA Surf Forecast - surfline. Humboldt, Mendocino, Sonoma & Marin Counties.
Central CA Surf Forecast - surfline. SF-San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Monterrey, Cape San Martin, San Luis Obispo.
Southern CA Surf Forecast - surfline. Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego.

Northern CA Surf Forecast - magicseaweed. Gold Beach Oregon to Santa Cruz County.
Southern CA Surf Forecast - magicseaweed. Half Moon Bay San Mateo County to San Diego.

Northern CA Surf Forecast - wavewatch. Bodega Bay to Carmel.
Central CA Surf Forecast - wavewatch. Carmel to Pt. Concepcion.
• Southern CA Surf Forecast - wavewatch.
      SB/Ventura. Los Angeles. Orange County. San Diego.

Online Guides for Ocean Surf Kayaking.

Kayak Surfing Directory. Surfing etiquette, surf kayak skills, online guides & ocean conservation. (Display options alphabetical 100. See guide section for more surf reports, surf forecasts and other surfing information.)

Printed Guide Books for Surfing the California Coast.

Ocean Surf Kayaking Skills - paddlesports books & videos.
California Surfing Guidebooks & Travel Guides for the California Coast.

Ocean surf kayaking reports NEEDED !!

Please send your trip reports from kayak surfing. Stories, pictures & videos from ocean surf kayaking will be linked here.
• If you have experience surfing on any beaches in California please let us know what range of swell, wind and tide conditions make beginner, intermediate or advanced surfing conditions at each location.
(ocean OR sea)(surf OR surfing)(kayak OR kayaking) - Google Videos.
(ocean OR sea)(surf OR surfing)(kayak OR kayaking) - YouTube.
Surf Kayaking At Folly Beach video 05dec2007.
Ocean Sea Surf Surfing Kayak Kayaking videos - Metacafe.
Santa Cruz Kayak Surf Festival - Adventure Sports.
Santa Cruz Surf Kayak Festival Video 2009 | Go Kayak Now! 23march2009.
2008 Surf Kayak National Championships - Davenport, CA | Kim and Geoff nov2008.
US Surf Kayak Championships at Davenport, CA | Kim and Geoff oct2008.
Bodega Bay - Crabbing, Surf Kayaking | Kim and Geoff oct2008.
Davenport 2007 Surf Contest | Kim and Geoff oct2007.
Baja Surf Kayak Trip | Kim and Geoff june2007.
Santa Cruz Paddlesurf Contest 2007 | Kim and Geoff march2007.
Ride The Waves With Kayak Surfing - Adventure Blog 13dec2006.
Kayak Surf Contest - Digital Grin Photography Forum 25mar2006.

Ocean Surf Kayaking Paddlesports Directory.

Ocean Surf Kayaking Directory - Conservation & Recreation. Websites for waveski and surf kayak playboating in the ocean. (conservation, etiquette, guides, skills)

More Paddle Boating Guides & Maps for California:
California River Maps - Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme, 2008.
North Coast California River Guides for Paddleboating.
California Whitewater River Guides for Kayaking, Canoeing & Rafting.
Using these whitewater river paddleboating guides - BRT Kayaking.

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From an experienced surfer: You may want to warn the kayakers that they will be met with hostility - due to the ease with which their craft can catch waves - and that the person taking off in the deepest, most critical part of the wave has right-of-way. It's often hard for a kayak to function in that environment, so the tendency is to catch the wave very early - before it builds up enough for the surfers to catch it with just their arms. Thus, the conflict is created. The conflict will be most intense where the waves are biggest and, especially at beach breaks, there will probably be alternatives to competing with the surfers. At a minimum, kayakers should stay away from the surfers while they are learning to catch and ride waves. Otherwise, kayakers create a risk of injury to the surfers and their boards which could easily lead to violence. Learning at the expense of others is not the way to go.
Surfing has always been my life. Lately I have noticed a few more Kayaks hitting the surf! What happened to all you guys?
I hope a you guys come and join my surfing network? and become involved in a surfing website where everyone meets from around the world about surfing
Hi Guys, nice to see a cool blog! I am a surfboard producer and own the brand Outheback Surfboards
I think all surfers of every domination deserve a fair go,,its all about fun remember!
PS: I do agree that certain surfers should stay away from some lineups, it's all about safety!
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