Sunday, December 06, 2009


Photos & videos on whitewater river paddleboating trips - are you serious about photography?

Photography captures the memories of our kayaking, canoeing, innertubing & rafting adventures.

Darin has produced a great set of advanced tutorials for photography on whitewater boating trips. (Where to start, What is the right exposure, Getting the right exposure, Motion blurred photographs, Focus, Basic Lighting, Composition, Equipment, Post-Processing.) Darin wrote for pro & semi-pro photographers "if you are serious about shooting whitewater, you’ll need an SLR because compact cameras have a few downfalls." Most of the tutorials are about the use of SLR cameras, but they also contain some fundamental photography information that will be useful to photographers who have compact cameras. And the sample kayaking photos are also pretty great.

Here is my basic tutorial for all of the other whitewater boating photographers who are SERIOUS about getting the best photos they can from their compact digital cameras. Taking great photos while kayaking whitewater rivers is vdifficult, but skill, practice and luck can enable all photographers to get some pretty great photos of the incredible action and awesome scenery from whitewater river kayaking & rafting trips. See my BRT whitewater photo gallery, BRT whitewater video gallery and Whitewater Photo Video Blog Directory.

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Photography, Equipment & Supplies for Kayaking on Whitewater Rivers - BRT Kayaking.

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