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Whitewater Paddleboating Blogs Directory pg6.

Photoblogs, videoblogs & socialblogs focusing on white water river boating.

(Updated 07dec2010.)
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Whitewater Videoblogs.

kayaking - MySpace Video Search - PR3.

scottsady - PR2.
willvolpert - PR2.
bhouse38 - PR2.

fun1kayakking - PR1.

brthomas6 - PR-ND.
aorafting - PR-ND.
kayaker6sic6 - PR-ND.
RobHartman - PR-ND.
rideon - PR-ND.
oldcore14 - PR-ND.
sailingbari - PR-ND.
joshmckeown - PR-ND.
schrekenspoof - PR-ND.
trfblog - PR-ND.
apritchard25 - PR-ND.
liquidfusionkayak - PR-ND.
Kayaking.com - PR-ND.
KayakMind - PR-ND.
John Donovan - PR-ND.
WhitewaterRescue PRN.
planetmango - PRN.
Whitewater Instruction - PRN.
ilonakarow - PRN.
tubenation09 - PRN.

Whitewater Photoblogs.

riverhoney - PR3.
Tim and Kari - PR3.
stormick - PR3.

California Floaters Society Photos - PR2.
Raymond & Jonika - PR2.

brthomas6 - PR-ND.
ElRemaro at Picasa - PR-ND.
ElRemaro at Flicker - PRN.
marold - PR-ND.
andy - PR-ND.
trinityalpsphoto - PR-ND.
hotshotimaging - PR-ND.
AustinWSmith - PR-ND.
Liquid Fusion Kayaking. - PR-ND.
Terry Wright - PR-ND.
jonika - PR-ND.
jmdonovan05 - PR-ND.
keithwikle Surf Kayaking - PR-ND.
whitewaterrescue - PRN.
walkerdavidjames - PRN.
kayaking - webshots - PRN.
Jonika Lomeli - PRN.
vanilladh - PRN.
riotaj Adam - PRN.
Living Life Outdoors - PRN
skylinenet - PRN
CFS - Larry Hazen - PRN
PT Funhog - PRN
iloveca49 - PRN

Whitewater Socialblogs.

WW Kayaking Canada - PR4.
W.E.T. River Trips MySpace - PR3
charliesimmonskayaking - PR2.

surfnturf57 - PR-ND.
doneppo PR-ND.
Kayak Chat - PR-ND.
KayakMind - PR-ND.
California Floaters Society - PR-ND.
Kern River Outfitters - PR-ND.
liquidfusionkayaking - PR-ND.
Dagger Whitewater Kayaks - PRN.
Whitewater Rescue Institute - Facebook PRN
Downstream Edge Kayak Instruction - PR0
California Salmon River Rafting - PRN
North Fork Stanislaus River - Facebook PRN.
Merced River - Facebook PRN
South Fork American River - Facebook PRN
Middle Fork American River - Facebook PRN
Tuolumne River - Facebook PRN
Kaweah River - Facebook PRN
zephyr ww rafting - PRN
California Kayaker Magazine - Facebook PRN

More forums & blogs on white water river paddleboating:
ww kayaking personal blogs - PR4 to PR3 > PR2 to PR1 > PR0.
ww rafting, flatwater paddle boating.
ww organizations, ww businesses.
ww photoblogs, ww videoblogs & ww socialblogs.
ww forums & ww bulletin boards.

Photoblogs and videoblogs are are sites that contain photos or videos with little or no text. Social networking sites like MySpace and FaceBook have distinct cultures, so they get their own sections in this directory. Post a comment to let me know about any other white water blogs that should be added to the list & any pageranks that need updating.

Whitewater paddle boating blogs are ranked by their Google PageRanks (PR - a scale from 0 to 10). Get the Google PageRank for all of the websites that you visit by installing the Google Toolbar into your web browser software. See my post on hyperlinks for blog publicity.

Blogging communities are built through the comments of the readers. Websites built using blogging software which do not enable reader comments are not included in this directory. Blogs that are dormant for many months will be removed from the list.

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