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Putah Creek Riparian Reserve - Biking & Hiking from west to east.

The west end of Putah Creek Riparian Reserve begins where Pedrick Road (Co Rd 98) crosses Putah Creek. The western end of the reserve is in Yolo County, but east of Brooks Road the reserve lies in Solano County. (Yolo & Solano County, California, USA).

Map of Putah Creek Riparian Reserve.

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Coordinates of Landmarks:
N 38.52695 W 121.80362 - Pedrick Road - County Road 98 (A)
N 38.52445 W 121.78865 - Putah Creek Picnic Area (B)
N 38.52445 W 121.78865 - Hwy 80 under crossing (C)
N 38.51823 W 121.76042 - railroad under crossing (D)
N 38.51815 W 121.75684 - Old Davis Road (E)
N 38.51983 W 121.69521 - Mace Blvd - County Road 104 (F)

The entry to the parking lot on the north-west corner of the Pedrick Road bridge was unmarked. The trail then headed east under the bridge.

Putah Creek flowing under Pedrick Road bridge.

Bikers are restricted to remain on Levee Road, while hikers and joggers can use the trail that runs closer to the creek. With some short hikes to check out the trail and lots of stops to take photos my early morning trip went longer than planned. Picnic benches are available at Putah Creek Picnic Area and at Brooks Road.

Campfire circle at Putah Creek Picnic Area.

The reserve continues east and crosses under Hwy 80 and the railroad tracks, then ends at the parking lot on the north-east corner of the Old Davis Road bridge over Putah Creek. Levee Road continues east to the bridge where Co Rd 104 (Mace Blvd) crosses the South Fork of Putah Creek. After passing the UCD Raptor Center the Levee Road passes through private farm property, so all bikers and hikers are restricted to stay on Levee Road in this area. It was very hot and sunny on Levee Road in late morning. The rough, loose gravel on the road was hard on me and my bike. Be sure to bring a pump and a patch kit. It would be a very long walk back to civilization if you got a flat tire. I brought a half-gallon of my homemade sports drink recipe, but that was not enough to keep me fully hydrated for a trip that extended into the heat of the late morning.

What flowers are blooming in July at Putah Creek Riparian Reserve??

Mid-summer is not a great time for wildflowers, but I did see flowers on field bindweed, yellow starthistle, Datura inoxia, mustards, wild radish & sunflowers. The Datura & sunflowers were quite beautiful.

Datura plant in bloom.

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• Photos: Olympus Stylus 720SW camera.

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