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Biking to Grasslands Regional Park, Yolo County, California, USA.

A cool Sunday morning was a good time for a bike ride in the country out to Grasslands Regional Park. I treated myself to a big breakfast in downtown Davis, CA. Then I got on the bikepath at 1st & B St, continued on the bikepath under Hwy 80 and on to Montgomery Ave (markers A to E on the bike route map). Then I went south on Mace Blvd (County Road 104) past South Fork Putah Creek Preserve (F) and continued south to Grasslands Regional Park (G).

Map of Bike Route to Grasslands Regional Park.

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Full-Screen Map - Bike Route to Grasslands Regional Park.

The park is mostly flat, featureless grasslands which were toasted brown at the end of the summer. It also has an incredible number of horseshoe pits that were being used by the members of the Horseshoe Club. See my Grasslands Regional Park pictures.

Map of Grasslands Regional Park Property.

Full-Screen Map - Grasslands Regional Park Property.

Zoom in on this satellite view for a close-up of the horseshoe pits.
Zoom out to see where this park is located in relation to other local landmarks.

On the way home I got on the bikepath from the top of the Mace Blvd bridge over Hwy 80. The reward for pedaling up the bridge was gliding down on the bikepath next to the westbound on-ramp. The bikepath continues along the south side of Hwy 80 to Olive Drive. This wasn't too bad with the light traffic of a Sunday morning, but its terribly noisy on weekdays when the traffic is heavier. I biked the entire length of Olive Drive, rejoined the bikepath and continued home (markers H to J on the bike route map).

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