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PowerT Hydration Juice - healthy homemade energy-sports drink recipe.

Energy-Sports drink provides caffeine plus optimum hydration for maximum performance in your favorite sports activities.

There is some old literature saying that caffeine acts as a diuretic to dehydrate our bodies. More recent information suggests that the dehydration effect is not significant unless caffeine intake is very high (Caffeine is not dehydrating - MayoClinic) (Laying the Caffeine - Dehydration Myth to Rest).

This opens the possibility for an energy-hydration drink designed both to maintain good hydration and to boost energy in athletes. Hydration is critical to maintain muscle function during prolonged, intense sports activities. Caffeine-based energy drinks are well accepted for giving people a power boost for endurance sports and/or everyday activities.

Tea & fruit juice make a great do-it-yourself (DIY) drink for power and hydration.

My PowerT Hydration Juice DIY recipe is based on the EnerT recipe and my Hydration Fruit-Ade sports drink recipe. This combines the energy stimulation and healthy ingredients from the tea with the hydration and improved muscle recovery from the fruit juices. In fact, the colorful pomegranate, cherry, grape and blueberry juices that help to reduce muscle soreness have strong flavors that blend well with the tea. The sugar from these juices helps to counteract the bitterness of the tea so refined sugar additions are not needed.

PowerT Hydration Juice Homemade Recipes for 2 quarts (64 oz = 8 cups).

Bottled fruit juices vary greatly in the amounts of sugar that they contain. The Nutrition Facts label on your juice tells how much sugar it contains per 8 oz serving. Use the table below to dilute your chosen fruit juice to the exact sugar level that is needed in the energy-sports drink. The tea is brewed using part of the water from the recipe and then added to the other ingredients. Morton Lite Salt contains sodium chloride and potassium chloride. Add stevia natural sweetener if more sweetness or flavor enhancement is needed.

sugar per 8 oz serving amount juice amount water amount tea amount Lite Salt
8g 64 oz 0 oz 8 tea bags 1/4 tsp
12g 43 oz 21 oz 8 tea bags 1/4 tsp
16g 32 oz 32 oz 8 tea bags 1/4 tsp
24g 21 oz 43 oz 8 tea bags 1/4 tsp
32g 16 oz 48 oz 8 tea bags 1/4 tsp
40g 13 oz 51 oz 8 tea bags 1/4 tsp
48g 11 oz 53 oz 8 tea bags 1/4 tsp

PowerT Hydration Lemon-Lime energy-sports drink DIY recipe.

PowerT Hydration Lemon-Lime requires a modified recipe because these fruit juices provide little or no sugar. Therefore this recipe uses refined sugar or stevia natural no-calorie sweetener to balance the bitterness of the tea and the sourness of the citrus juice.

Recipes for 2 quarts (64 oz = 8 cups). 1/2 cup lemon or lime juice, 2 quarts water, 8 tea bags, 1/4 tsp Lite Salt, 1/4 cup sugar.
Brew the tea in part of the water, then add it to the other ingredients.

PowerT energy-sports drink recipe - Home Version.

I use this "home version" energy-sports drink to help maintain good hydration when I'm not intensely exercising.

PowerT Hydration Juice - recipe as above minus the Lite Salt.
PowerT Hydration Lemon-Lime - minus the salt and sugar, sweeten with stevia.

What energy-sports drinks do you use during prolonged, intense activities?

Please add a comment here to let me know if you try my PowerT energy-sports drink home made recipe. What kinds of teas and fruit juices do you like to make the best DIY energy-sports drinks? Let me know if you have a modified recipe or a different recipe that you like better than the PowerT Hydration Juice homemade DIY recipe described above.

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