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Mount Diablo State Park, Donner Canyon Waterfalls, Contra Costa County, California

Hiking the trails to see wildflowers and waterfalls !!

JimH & I drove to Clayton, CA and entered Mount Diablo State Park at the Regency Gate trailhead.

Donner Canyon Waterfalls Trail Maps.

• PDF map: Mount Diablo State Park map pdf.
• Map book: California Maps - Atlas & Gazetteer by Delorme, 2008.

Online map user instructions. Click and drag to reposition this interactive map.
• The tool on the left zooms in and out. Point on the red markers to see the names.
• Map=roads. Satellite=satellite map. Terrain=3D shaded topo map. Topo=topographic map.
Full-Screen online map - Donner Canyon Waterfalls Trail.

Coordinates - landmark (marker).
N 37.92199 W 121.92696 - Regency Gate Trailhead elevation 520 ft (A)
N 37.90276 W 121.91872 - Cardinet Oaks Rd. elevation 1080 ft (B)
N 37.89951 W 121.91528 - Wild Oat Canyon. elevation 1240 ft (C)

See full-screen: JimH trip report - Donner Canyon Waterfall Trail gps track & photos.

Donner Canyon Waterfalls Loop

Mount Diablo State Park has a web of well marked trails, but none of the signs point to the waterfalls. Jim had the EveryTrail app on his iPhone and had downloaded a gps track from a previous hiker to guide our trip. Without some kind of electronic or paper map it would be easy to hike around and miss the trail that goes to the waterfalls.

Doubleclick on the photos to see the large size image - use the back button to return.

Mount Diablo State Park, Donner Canyon Waterfalls

Mount Diablo State Park, Donner Canyon Waterfalls

Wildflowers and Scenic Views

We saw lots of different types of wildflowers throughout the hike. Hiking the waterfall loop in a clockwise direction we were on sunny slopes on the way out and shady north-facing slopes on the way back. This took us through a variety of different vegetation zones. I used my homemade sports drink recipe made from diluted fruit juice to stay hydrated while hiking.

More photos: 2012-04-01 Donner Canyon Waterfalls, Mount Diablo State Park.

Going There and Coming Home

Betty Lou's Bar & Grill in Vacaville, CA was again open for both breakfast and dinner. The breakfast special of fried eggs, chili beans and coffee filled us up for the long, hard hike. After hiking we got the soft taco and dark beer meal deal #1.

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• Digital Camera: Canon PowerShot A490. Photos edited with IrfanView and GIMP software. Video edited with Windows Movie Maker and YouTube tools.

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