Friday, February 10, 2006


California Whitewater River Guides Directory.

(updated 27nov2008)

Dreamflows. 210 gauge or estimated flow sites on California rivers (North Coast, Central & South Coast, Sacramento Valley, Sierra West Slope, Sierra East Slope). Extensively linked to real-time flow data, whitewater guides, topographic maps and weather sites.

Eddyflower. Flow data for 78 locations in California and lists a total of 257 river runs. Also lists additional gauges and river run locations in 41 other states in the USA. Listing of River, Section, Class, Location, Gauge (USGS only), Flow (in cfs), Level rating & color coding (Unknown, Too Low, Low, Medium, High, Crankin).

California Creeks. This site describes 160 river runs on California creeks and rivers, along with a few runs in other western states.

American Whitewater - Rivers in California. 289 whitewater runs in California. Some runs are thoroughly described, while other runs have only minimal descriptions.

Whitewater River Guides - BRT Insights. Describes over 100 class II, III & IV whitewater runs in California. Trip planning resources including whitewater descriptions, flow data, maps, local weather. Links to guidebooks, trip reports, photos & videos. Describes whitewater runs on 6 California rivers and other rivers in Oregon, Washington & Idaho. Trip reports and photo gallery. 48 whitewater river runs in California and 4 in Idaho. 9 California river runs and others in the western USA. Describes whitewater runs on 20 California rivers.

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