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Publicise Your Blog - 5 Comments and Discussion.

Blogs are meant to be tools for discussion and community building. Everything you do to encourage online discussion about your blog helps the publicity effort for your blog. Many blogs began as a way to communicate with friends, but once you have done all that work why not do things in the best possible way and talk with a much larger community of people who share your interests?

Comments on Your Blog.

Ask, beg or bribe your friends to make relevant comments on your blog that include lots of keyword-rich text. Your blog gains higher rankings in the search engines if it contains more pages of keyword-rich text content and these comment pages count just as much as the pages written by the blog author. (see previous post - blog publicity via keywords).

Comments on other Blogs and Discussion Boards.

Your comments on other relevant blogs and discussion boards should always include an active hyperlink back to your blog. Links back to your blog from highly ranked, relevant blog or discussion sites are more valuable to you than links from lower ranking sites, but a number of links coming from a wide variety of relevant sites on the Internet is also valuable. Use a variety of keyword-rich link texts when constructing these hyperlinks back to your blog. Many of these links should point to the home page of your blog, but hyperlinks to other pages within your blog can also be valuable especially if the link text contains the specific keywords discussed on those other pages. (see previous post - blog publicity via hyperlinks).

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