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C to L Run, SF American River, kayaking class II, 23june2007

California whitewater - river kayaking on a glorious warm sunny day

BruceH, HiromasaT, Martin & I kayaked the Coloma to Lotus Run on SF American River at 1600 cfs (El Dorado County, California, USA).

This was Martin's first kayak trip ever and Hiromasa's first trip of the year so we practiced eddy turns upstream of put-in for a while before heading downstream. This allowed us to made it through the day with just a few swims and one bumper-boats incident that ended unexpectedly well.

We did a little surfing and a little swimming at Gremlin Wave. The converging funny water below Old Scary Rapid snagged another victim. The swimmer got towed to the island and the boat ended up on river-right, but they were eventually reunited on the island. We had a lovely lunch at our favorite spot just downstream of Henningson-Lotus County Park.

We did a lot of surfing on the little wave above Camp Lotus. It takes good edge control to have success on this deceptively small, but very fun playspot. Surfing video clips will be posted at BRT Kayaking Channel at YouTube.

The geese were out taking a lap around the quiet pool at Camp Lotus while we did a little roll practice before taking out to finish another great day on the river.

On the way home from kayaking we stopped at Thai Style Dining in Cameron Park, CA for Thai Iced Tea and some spicy, exotic food.

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The C to L run was a perfect day with perfect company. MartinK proved that 'even a log can make it down the river.' He did a super job for a first time boater and appears to be a natural. The deal to have flows on the river every weekend promises to make for a nice summer. BruceT is a great teacher for beginner kayakers and aging incompetents as well. And as usual, reading about the trip on the blog helps me enjoy it yet again.
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