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Blogs on Whitewater River Rafting & Flatwater Paddle Boating

Thanks for letting me know about other paddle boater blogs that should be on the list, or any ranks that should be updated. (Partial update April 18, 2009.)

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Rafting Whitewater

Rafting Life - PR3
InflatableKayakBlog - PR2
Oregon Rafting Team - PR2
Homebrew and Hypalon - PR1
Tainted Ideals - PR-ND
Tales from the Rio - PR-ND
Terry's World - PR-ND

Flatwater - Canoe, Kayak, Touring, Racing

Chine bLog - PR5
Paddling with a Camera - PR4
PaddleTales - Canoeing Oklahoma - PR4
fit2paddle - PR4
Kayak Mississippi - PR4
Pittsburgh Paddlefish - PR4
CK Aquileia - PR4
RiverThoughts - PR3
Michigan Kayaker - PR3
National Canoe Journal - PR3
Piney Flatwoods Girl - PR3
River Rant - PR2
Song of the Paddle; Canadian Canoe - PR2
Paddling-Rowing - PR2
Mad Canoeist - PR2
Canoeing, kayaking, other adventures - PR1
Kayaking and Canoeing - PR0
Mogul River Mice - PR0
Lakes of South Dakota - PR0
RiverNotes - PR0
Midwest Paddle Adventures - PR0
Hook a Big One - PR0
mr340paddlers - PR-ND

More white water river paddle boating forums & blogs:
ww kayaking personal blogs - PR4 to PR3 > PR2 to PR1 > PR0.
ww rafting blogs, flat water paddle boating blogs.
ww organization blogs, ww business blogs.
ww photoblogs, ww videoblogs & ww socialblogs.
ww forums & ww bulletin boards.

PR values (Google PageRank) give some insight into how well a website ranks at the dominant search engine on the Internet. See my post on hyperlinks for blog publicity.

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Hi, Bruce, thanks for maintaining this list! I'd like to suggest adding Mother Lode River Center's blog to your list. (PR 4). Mother Lode is located on the South Fork American River. Their blog covers whitewater rafting and water levels, plus Scott Underwood's passion with renewables and how they are reducing their energy footprint at Mother Lode with their "eco-rafting."
Thanks Donna, I posted the link. Its always nice to get some feedback. Hopefully the list will be useful to people searching for information and discussion, as well as a source of inspiration for blog owners looking for ways to improve their own blogs.
Very Nice Information. Thanks for sharing to all.
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