Monday, January 28, 2008


Klamath River restoration blocked by Warren Buffet's PacifiCorp

PacifiCorp fails to negotiate in good faith.

PacifiCorp "is engaged in a bit of brinkmanship, claiming it has been excluded from talks while failing to get involved. PacifiCorp knows it will have to pay more to install fish ladders – and face lawsuits – than to dismantle the four dams. Yet they continue to hold out, perhaps hoping that Congress will spoon out a deal sweetener courtesy of federal taxpayers." (Seal Klamath deal - Sacramento Bee 27jan2008.)

Water policy - remove the obsolete dams on the Klamath River.

These 4 obsolete hydroelectric dams cause more damage to the Klamath River than can be justified by the small amount of hydroelectric power that they produce. If PacifiCorp does not agree on its own to remove these dams, then the federal government must refuse to renew the licenses for operation of these dams. One way or the other these destructive dams on the Klamath River must be removed. PacifiCorp has profited long enough from destroying the Klamath River. Now it is time for PacifiCorp to pay the full cost to clean up the mess they have made.

For more information:
Klamath River Basin Restoration Proposal Released for Public Review 19jan2008.
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