Thursday, February 28, 2008


Will Gov. Schwarzenegger build the Peripheral Canal by executive order? - by Joe Canciamilla

Don't let the California Delta be destroyed for the benefit of special interests in southern California.

Dear Stop the Canal Friends:

We have a new development in Sacramento on the Governor's plan to fund and build a new peripheral canal or bypass to the Delta. See the news article "Delta canal alive again?" ( 26feb2008). There is some thought in Sacramento that the Governor feels so strongly about his support for a canal that he may be planning to make his decision by executive order, bypassing the Legislature altogether. This would be devastating for the residents of Contra Costa County and for all of Northern California.

Please e-mail the Governor and express your opposition to an executive order approving the funding and building of a new canal, which would send our water south and be devastating to the delta fish environment.

In addition, please send this web page to your family and friends and ask them to send an e-mail in opposition. They can also sign up to help at

Thanks again for your continued support.

Regards, Joe Canciamilla

Guest Author Joe Canciamilla lives in Pittsburg, a city on the California Delta. Joe is a former California State Assemblyman and Chair of the Water, Parks & Wildlife Committee. Joe is forming to fight the California Governor's plan to build a peripheral canal to carry water around the California Delta.

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