Friday, March 21, 2008


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BRT Insights - Whitewater Kayaking blog. (newsfeed) This blog began with a river kayaking recreation focus. It has expanded to include my commentary on river conservation and water policy issues in California.

Bruce's Photo Gallery - Picasa Web. (newsfeed) This gallery contains my river kayaking trip photos. Bookmarks. (newsfeed) This is a growing directory of websites focused on river recreation and river conservation in California. It is organized based on the natural watersheds and river canyons that are so important.

Photos from brt_brt_brt - Flickr. (newsfeed) This gallery contains photos from my soccer team, some river kayaking photos and fauna from Sacramento Zoo.

brthomas6's Channel - YouTube. (subscribe to my channel) This channel contains some short video clips that illustrate the fun of river kayaking and the beauty of the river canyons. I'm planning to add more videos that illustrate the basic skills for performance and safety while kayaking on whitewater rivers. YouTube does not provide newsfeeds, but they do have an internal system that allows people to subscribe to channels that interest them.

Favorite WW Kayaking blogs. (newsfeed) On this site I combine the feeds for some of my favorite whitewater river kayaking blogs from a wide variety of authors. I rate blogs on a variety of factors including the quality of their content, relevance from my California-centered perspective, and on their Google PageRank. There are many ww kayaking blogs, but only a few have combined consistently good quality content with the publicity necessary to get good ranks at Google.

Water policy in California.(newsfeed)
On this site I am including only the water-related articles from California Progress Report and filtering out the articles on many other topics that this site covers. In the future I may expand this newsfeed to include water-related articles from other California news media or blog sites.
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River Conservation - BRT Insights. (newsfeed)
On this site I am including only the river conservation and water policy articles from my BRT Insights - Whitewater Kayaking and filtering out the recreation-related articles.
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