Wednesday, April 09, 2008


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(Updated 29mar2010.)
Blogged on Facebook - BRT Insights blog. Facebook users can sign up here to become followers of my blog.

The Funemployment Blog: Please and Thank You's - 21mar2010. This blogger shares my interest in hiking.

Go Green with Homemade Sports Drinks - The Succulent Wife's Favorite Things 02nov2009. Commercial sports drinks are mostly junk food. Homemade sports drinks are healthy, natural and easy to make.

BlogoWogo Blogs about Sports. Read excerpts of my recent posts at BRT Insights on BlogoWogo Network. Click on the link to read the full posting. Rate my posts on a scale from 1 to 5 stars.

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• Excerpts of my blog posts. Kayaking - Wikio Blogs. | BRT Insights - BlogCatalog. | BRT Insights - LS Blogs. | BRT Insights - Blogdigger. | BRT Insights - Blogged. | BRT Insights - Technorati. | BRT Insights - Icerocket. | Kayak News - Playak.

• Virtual River is the best source for California Water Supply of the Future - brt-insights 27june2008. Republished at California Progress Report. | Republished at San Diego County Water Authority.

• California Delta water crisis can be solved by exporting less water to
southern California 08april2008. Discussed at Aquafornia.

• Support habitat restoration in the California Delta 25mar2008. Republished at California Progress Report. | Excerpted at Aquafornia. Excerpted at California for Democracy.

• Oppose the San Luis Drainage Resolution Act - bad for taxpayers, bad for California's environment 17april2008. Excerpted at Lloyd G. Carter. | Excerpted at California Water Impact Network.

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