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How to get started in whitewater river kayaking.

Training is important for good performance & safety skills on the river.

1. Take some training classes in whitewater river kayaking.

Instruction from an experienced teacher is critical to learn eskimo roll, good paddling techniques, river running skills and river safety skills. Avoid the common beginner mistakes. Don't let yourself develop bad habits that will need to be corrected later. Good instruction is the key to more fun, rapid advancement in skills and better safety on the river.
Basic skills training classes for whitewater river kayakers in northern California.

2. Join a kayaking club.

Kayaking attracts the rugged individualists who insist upon being captain of their own boats! Nevertheless, we typically team up with others for transportation to and from the river and for safety & rescue while on the river. Clubs help beginning kayakers to continue their learning on river trips together with more experienced kayakers. Clubs typically help beginners decide which equipment to buy and may be a source of used equipment for sale.
Clubs for northern California whitewater river kayakers.

3. Buy a whitewater kayak and other necessary gear.

New or used kayaking equipment can be purchased from a variety of sources.
Kayaking Equipment Purchase Directory.

4. Books, videos & websites on river kayaking.

Reading books and watching videos can provide supplemental information about kayaking skills, but classes and guidance from experienced kayakers is still critical when practicing these skills on the river.
Reviews - Books, Videos, & Websites about kayaking on whitewater rivers.

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