Monday, August 18, 2008


Tuolumne River Conservation August 2008 Update.

Support the Aggressive Conservation, Water Recycling and Local Groundwater Alternative Water Policy.

Guest author: Peter Drekmeier, Tuolumne River Trust.


The Final Program Environmental Impact Report for the SFPUC's Water
System Improvement Program is now expected to be released in late
September. In addition to examining the "Aggressive Conservation/
Water Recycling and Local Groundwater Alternative" that we support,
it will study another alternative that would cap diversions at
current levels until 2018. While we would prefer extending the cap
until 2030, we feel this alternative is something we might be able to
support in the spirit of compromise.

The "Preferred Alternative" still calls for diverting 25 million more
gallons of water per day from the Tuolumne, so we have our work cut
out for us. You can help now by circulating our Protect the Tuolumne River - Petition to the SFPUC (pdf) or encouraging people to sign online - Protect the Tuolumne River - Petition to the SFPUC (online).

Another way to help is by writing a letter to the editor of a local
newspaper. You can find Protect the Tuolumne River talking points under "Learn More." You can find contact information for newspapers on the same page under "Take Action."

Here are a few other updates:

1) I'll be giving a presentation titled "From the Tuolumne to the
Tap" to the Technology and Society Committee (open to the public) on
Tuesday, September 9 from noon-1pm at the Hangen Szechuan Restaurant,
134 Castro St. in Mountain View, CA.

2) The Trust currently has several job openings (Administrative and
Finance Director, Bay Area Organizer, Central Valley Program
Director, and River Parkway Project Manager).

3) South San Francisco recently passed a resolution in support of the Tuolumne River.
4) Friends of the River will be hosting a rafting trip on the South Fork of the American River this weekend. (please note, you need to be an FOR member to participate).

5) Sustainable San Mateo County will be hosting a roundtable
discussion about water on August 21 from noon-1pm.

I hope you're having a nice summer.

Peter Drekmeier, Program Director
Bay Area Program, Tuolumne River Trust
111 New Montgomery, #205
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 882-7252 x 302

"The Tuolumne River Trust promotes the stewardship of the Tuolumne River and its tributaries to ensure a healthy watershed. We believe that serious river restoration and protection efforts, strategic land acquisitions, and improved water flow and conservation policies create a healthier river for people and a habitat sanctuary for spawning fish, waterfowl and all other river-dependent species."

For more information:
Protect the Tuolumne River - Stop the SFPUC Water Grab 24april2008.
Tuolumne River Directory - Recreation & Conservation.
California Water Supply Policy and River Conservation Articles - BRT Insights.

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