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Klamath River Dam Removal, Klamath County Oregon & Siskiyou County California - Dec 2008 Update.

Non-binding agreement could lead to removal of 4 obsolete Klamath River dams by year 2020.

Help restore salmon habitat, eliminate toxic algae that grows in the reservoirs and improve water quality on the wild & scenic Klamath River!!

"Four dams on the Klamath River that have blocked salmon runs upstream to their spawning areas may be removed in the year 2020 under an historic agreement among federal, state and corporate parties. Dam removal will re-open over 300 miles of habitat for the Klamath's salmon and steelhead populations and eliminate water quality problems such as toxic algae blooms caused by the reservoirs. The federal government, the state of California, the state of Oregon and the PacifiCorp electric utility Thursday announced an Agreement in Principle to remove the four dams as part of a broader effort to restore the river and revive its ailing salmon and steelhead runs and aid fishing, tribal and farming communities."
(Four Klamath River Dams May Be Removed to Benefit Salmon - ens-newswire 19nov2008. )

"The dam removal agreement would also support a $1 billion environmental plan that would restore fish habitat and guarantee water and low-cost electricity for farmers, who could also continue using federal wildlife refuges for farming. The deadline for the agreement is June 30, 2009. The federal government would next study whether dam removal would be feasible and cost-effective."
(Awaiting Klamath River Dam removal - Indian Country Today 01dec2008. )

"An Agreement in Principle was reached last week that could lead to the eventual removal of four dams along the Klamath River. The nonbinding AIP involving PacifiCorp, the Federal Government, the State of California and the State of Oregon was announced during a teleconference last Thursday, Nov. 13.
It is the initial phase of a process, which, if it follows its charted path, could see the removal of Iron Gate, Copco 1 and 2, and J.C. Boyle, beginning by the year 2020. The AIP provides a framework for establishing transfer of the dam from PacifiCorp to a government designated Dam Removal Entity, as well as setting up a time line for signing the final agreement."
(‘Historic’ Klamath River dam removal decision - Mount Shasta Herald 19nov2008. )

Obsolete Klamath River Dams proposed for removal by year 2020.

Online map user instructions. Click on the Topo button to see the topographic map.

Full-Screen Map of Klamath River dam locations.

Markers on the map above show the locations of the dams (A, B, etc.).
Point or DoubleClick on the red markers to see their names.
• JC Boyle Dam (Klamath County, Oregon) (A)
• Copco Dam no. 1 (Siskiyou County, California) (B)
• Copco Dam no. 2 (Siskiyou County, California) (C)
• Iron Gate Dam (Siskiyou County, California) (D)

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