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San Lorenzo River Whitewater Paddleboating in California USA.

Guide & Map for Rafting, Tubing, Kayaking & Canoeing - Santa Cruz County.

1. San Lorenzo River - Boulder Creek to Ben Lomond, class III, ~5.5 miles.
2. San Lorenzo River - Ben Lomond to Felton Run, class II, ~3.5 miles.
3. San Lorenzo River Felton to Ocean Run, class III-IV, 6 miles.

Real-time Flow Data - San Lorenzo River whitewater.

San Lorenzo River at Big Trees - USGS Real-Time Flow. N 37.04403 W 122.07199
San Lorenzo River at Santa Cruz - USGS Real-Time Flow. N 36.99083 W 122.03083

Map of San Lorenzo River - whitewater river access locations.

Instructions for online interactive road maps & topographic river maps.
• Map=Roads. Satellite=Satellite Map. Terrain=3D Terrain Map. Topo=Topographic Map.
• Point on the red markers to see the names of landmarks listed below (A, B, etc.).
Full-Screen River Map and Road Map - San Lorenzo River landmarks.

Whitewater Runs on San Lorenzo River - put-ins and other landmarks.

 1. San Lorenzo River Boulder Creek to Ben Lomond, class III, ~5.5 miles.
       put-in - N 37.12703 W 122.12134 - Boulder Creek
       take-out - N 37.08204 W 122.08157 - Ben Lomond

2. San Lorenzo River - Ben Lomond to Felton Run, class II, ~3.5 miles.
       put-in - N 37.08204 W 122.08157 - Ben Lomond
       take-out - N 37.04403 W 122.07199 - Felton

3. San Lorenzo River Felton to Ocean Run, class III-IV, 6 miles.
       put-in - N 37.04403 W 122.07199 - Felton - gauge at Big Trees
       gauge - N 36.99083 W 122.03083 - gauge at Santa Cruz
       take-out - N 36.96540 W 122.01287 - Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Driving Directions, Map, Distance, Estimated Time & Road Conditions.

Mapquest provides directions, distance & time from your house to the river.
• For example: Davis, CA to Santa Cruz, CA - driving time 2 hrs 24 mins - 133 miles.

California Road Conditions (Delays or closures due to weather, construction, etc.)
California Travel Information -
Road Conditions - California Dept Transportation.

Local weather in Santa Cruz, CA (elevation 70 feet).

Click for Santa Cruz, California Forecast

Online Guides for San Lorenzo River Boating.

Paddleboating Directory for San Lorenzo River. See Directory Section 1.

Guidebooks for San Lorenzo River Whitewater.

West Coast River Touring - Rogue River Canyon and South, 1974. (pg. 208-211)
Best Whitewater in California, Third Edition 1998. (pg 3)
California Whitewater - A Guide to the Rivers, Third Edition 1995. (pg.260)

Stories from San Lorenzo River Paddle Boating REQUESTED !!

Send in your trip reports from whitewater kayaking on San Lorenzo River. I am interested to post or link to whitewater boating trip stories, pictures & videos from guest authors.

Whitewater Rivers - Recreation and Protection of the Environment.

San Lorenzo River Valley Conservation & Recreation Directory. Websites for the San Lorenzo River Watershed. (Set display options: alphabetical 100. Section 1=kayaking-canoeing, 2=rafting-rowing-tubing, 3=conservation-environment, 4=fishing, 5=hiking-camping, 6=local-information).

Additional information:
• Nearby rivers and creeks: Central & South Coast California River Paddleboating Guides.
Kayaking, Rafting & Canoeing Guides for Whitewater Rivers in California.

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I just noticed you rate the San Lorenzo river a class II for the upper stretch. I live there and have kayaked it more than anyone and took Bill Tuthill down the upper run for his first time. I cringe at seeing the upper called a II because it has multiple strainer hazards and a handful of manmade dams with keeper holes and a sweet little III- thats goofed up more than one class IV paddler. It would be more accurate to break that down into the Boulder Creek to Ben Lomond stretch which is a III and Ben Lomond to Felton which is a II. Between Brookdale and Boulder are the IIIs. I think its important to make the distinction so that some beginner boater doesnt head up there and get killed. At 1700cfs the middle stretch is still tame but the upper gets IV ish and the lower is IV to IV+ at the waterfall. Carl Reuter
Carl, thanks for the info. Can you say anything more about flow rates that are too low, runnable, etc. for each of the runs?
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