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Outgoing Hyperlinks Help Your Blog to Earn Higher Ranks at the Search Engines.

(updated 02aug2011)

Publicize your blog or website via outgoing hyperlinks.

Linking out to webpages that rank highly for important keywords helps your site to earn high search engine ranks for those keywords. The old dogma that only incoming hyperlinks help your website's search engine ranks and all outgoing hyperlinks hurt your ranks is no longer true. Many webmasters and site owners who are stuck in the past remain unwilling or afraid to make outgoing links from their sites. This is a self-defeating strategy because modern search engines reward websites that make outgoing hyperlinks to high-quality, relevant resources on other websites. If you want your webpage to rank highly for some keywords it helps you if you make keyword-rich outgoing hyperlinks to other websites that rank highly for your favorite keywords.

SEOptimise blog 01aug2011.
"Outgoing links. Linking out is crucial for blogs and even static websites. Many webmasters stopped linking out in order to hoard PageRank. Google engineers have discouraged this and suggested linking out instead."

Benefits of Good Quality Outgoing Links - High Page Rank Sites.
"Telling Search Engines what your page is all about - importance of outgoing (outbound) links"

SEO Basics - Part 7 - Outgoing Links - 12june2008.
"High quality outbound links are thought to help rankings"
"Positive SEO benefits of outgoing links
1. Outgoing links with optimized anchor text can help your on-page optimization.
2. Outgoing links to high quality websites may help your overall “Trust” ranking, by placing your website in the correct neighborhood
3. Outgoing links to decent resources indicate you care about your user and you do your research"

The effect of outgoing links on your web site -
"The web sites to which you link help your web site visitors to put your web site into a larger context. If you link to high quality sites with useful content, web surfers will associate your web site with these high quality sites."

Outgoing Links - Website Development for Small Businesses - 24nov2008.
"One of the most effective ways to improve your website’s organic search engine position is to increase the quantity and quality of both inbound and outbound links to established, highly rated sites."

Link Strategy - The Benefits of Linking -
"Search engine results tend to improve dramatically for sites that implement good linking practices, both in and out."

Link Popularity Building Campaign Services - Subia Creative, Phoenix Arizona.
"Outbound links “drain link popularity” of the linking page, but should not be a meaningful concern because relevant outgoing links creates a greater offsetting advantage."

Effective Outgoing Links on your Blog - Top Blogger 12jan2009.
"Outgoing links are important .... Using these properly on your blog can give you many benefits."

The Power of Outgoing Links in SEO - ezine articles 27oct2008.
"It's no secret Google use the number and quality of incoming links to help rank web pages in its search algorithm. .... What is less well known though is that Google also uses the quality and quantity of outgoing links to learn even more about each website it visits."

Nailing the Coffin Shut on the "Don't Link to External Sites" Philosophy - SEOmoz 05aug2008.
Provides 9 arguments for linking out to other sites and just 2 arguments against linking out to other sites.

Although outgoing links may take some readers away from your website this is compensated by the increase in reader traffic that your site will get due to higher search engine ranks. Keep in mind that all readers will leave your site sooner or later. People may be more likely to read your site thoroughly and come back to your site later if your site provides a good quality information resource including outgoing links to the relevant, high-quality sites of your friends and supporters. In fact, websites that refuse to make outgoing hyperlinks to the websites of their friends and supporters probably will have fewer friends and supporters as a result.

Strategic use of your blog or website to publicize your organization and advertize your topics of interest.

Websites are publicity tools to advertise your information to an audience. Just posting some stuff on some website is not the final goal. We need help from the search engines to bring the audience to read our websites. Strategic use of hyperlinks is critical to the success of all blogs and other websites. Making keyword-rich outgoing hyperlinks to other relevant websites is an important factor that helps your website to earn high ranks at the search engines. Only then will the search engines send the audience traffic that you need to read your website.

There is no such thing as "free publicity" on the Internet. Throwing up your stuff on your website is meaningless if nobody ever comes to read it. Search engine optimization (SEO) skills are needed if you want your website to succeed. Reader traffic only comes to website owners who invest the time, SEO skill and energy necessary to get good ranks at the search engines. Your website needs a good strategy for building incoming and outgoing hyperlinks if you want high ranks and a good traffic of readers visiting your site.

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Hey great post giving access to loads of useful information about linking.
We find that doing research into your existing links (if any) and also your competitors links and deliberately targeting these helps. We contact and supply great content to them and build up trust so that your competitors link partners will link to you (or even better) replace the link to your competitor with a link to you.
Here is where our link building process is mapped out.
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