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California Surfing Guidebooks & Travel Guides for the California Coast.

Kayak surfers, waveskiers, & surfskiers can share this resource with the board surfers.

California Surfing Guides.

Surfer Magazine's Guide to Northern and Central California Surf Spots, 2006.
Surfer Magazine's Guide to Southern California Surf Spots, 2006.
The California Surf Project, 2009.
Surfing California, 1973.

California Coast Travel Guides.

Beaches and Parks in Southern California (Experience the California Coast), 2009.
Beaches and Parks from Monterey to Ventura (Experience the California Coast), 2007.
Experience the California Coast: A Guide to Beaches and Parks in Northern California, 2005.
California Coastal Access Guide, 2003.

Coastal California (Regional Guide), 2007.
The Photographer's Guide to the California Coast: Where to Find Perfect Shots and How to Take Them, 2006.
The California Coast: A Traveler's Companion, Second Edition, 2003.
Driving the Pacific Coast California, 5th: Scenic Driving Tours along Coastal Highways, 2003.

Beyond The Golden Gate: California's North Coast, 2001.
The California Coast: The Most Spectacular Sights & Destinations, 2001.
Pacific Coast Highway: Traveler's Guide (Photographic Tour), 2000.

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