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Whitewater Rivers that Run all Summer for Paddleboating in California.

Kayakers, rafters, inner tubers and canoeists will find summer boating opportunites even in a drought year.

In summer, California rivers & creeks provide lots of opportunities for playboating, training new boaters, & river rescue classes for advanced boaters.

Dreamflows California and Nevada River Flows provides recent flow data or flow estimates for many whitewater rivers & creeks. The color-coding system shows at a glance which rivers have sufficient flows for paddlesports and which do not ( green = okay, yellow = too low). Here are some whitewater rivers in California that are running now:
• North Coast: Klamath River, Trinity River.
• Central & South Coast: none.
• Sacramento Valley: McCloud River, Lower Sacramento River, Cache Ck, Putah Ck.
• Sierra - West Slope - Northern: Fordyce Ck, Main Yuba River, American River MF SF Main, Mokelumne River.
• Sierra - West Slope - Southern: Cherry Ck, Tuolumne River, San Joaquin River, Kings River, Kern River.
• Sierra - East Slope: Truckee River.

American Whitewater - Scheduled Releases provides a calendar of information about future dam releases that provide additional opportunities for whitewater paddleboating.

Whitewater River Boating Guides for California - BRT Insights provides river maps and information about the whitewater difficulty ratings for most of the California whitewater rivers and creeks listed above. When planning your boating trips be sure to check the maps carefully to match up the runnable flows reported by Dreamflows with the various river sections described in the Boating Guides.

Ocean Surf Kayaking Guide for the California Coast describes another summertime whitewater paddleboating opportunity. Be sure to check the surf reports before you go. Although the ocean never runs out of water there is no guarantee that there will be good waves on the beaches.

More about boating trip plans and trip reports:
Whitewater River Kayaking Trip Reports - BRT Insights.

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