Friday, August 28, 2009


Fight the Closure of Marshall Gold Discovery SHP - access point for SF American River (El Dorado County, California, USA).

Please write emails to help maintain access to the river for the Coloma to Greenwood class II whitewater paddleboating run.

California State budget problems have led to a proposal to close some State Parks. Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park is a critical river access point for the popular Coloma to Greenwood Whitewater Run on SF American River. The proposed closure of this park could block access to a very popular whitewater river run that is very heavily used by class II paddleboaters and paddleboater training programs.

"Marshall Gold Park is on the closure list - and the only way we can change it is by making noise NOW. As boaters, not only will we lose general access, bathrooms and parking, but any sort of put-in will be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Go to Keep Sutter's Mill Open! for who to write and some talking points. Tell the folks at the State Capital that closing Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park (Yep, thats' the full name) is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Even if it wasn't a put-in, California statehood started with the Gold Rush and the Gold Rush started at Sutter's Mill. It's just wrong to close the park." (Marilyn on CFS Listerver)

Where to Send Letters. Please send letters or emails to Governor Schwarzenegger, Ruth Coleman Director of California State Parks, and your California State Legislators.

Sign The Online Petition - Save California State Parks from closure. Express your support for California State Parks!! "During these hard economic times there isn't very much the general public can do for weekend retreats or vacations. The one thing that does remain inexpensive is camping and exploring California's wonderful State Parks. Now Gov. Schwarzenegger wants to close 220 of the 279 California State Parks. Something must be done. If you want to save these wonders of nature then please sign this petition and pass it on to those you know."

More about California State Park closure and River Conservation issues:
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