Monday, November 01, 2010


Loving Wild Rivers - Experiencing their Natural Power through Whitewater Kayaking & Rafting.

Whitewater Rivers Provide a Dynamic and Ever-Changing Environment.

whitewater kayaking Trinity River Hell Hole Rapid
JimH kayaking Trinity River Hell Hole Rapid.
Why We Love Rivers, Our Threads of Wildness and Mystery was a recent topic on Cool Green Science blog from The Nature Conservancy. I agree wholeheartedly with Jeff Opperman writing about how "I loved that my creek was always changing. ... I also loved that the creek connected places." Mark Twain wrote that the river "had a new story to tell every day." (Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi). In all of my years of kayaking I have certainly appreciated how every day of boating on the river was a new and unique adventure. Exploring river canyons by kayak is a great way to travel and to experience many places of incredible beauty.

Whitewater Rivers are a Source of Natural Energy.

Another great thing about rivers and creeks is the way that they sparkle with energy. Kayakers and rafters often talk about tapping into the natural power of the river. The euphoria of whitewater rafting, kayaking, tubing & canoeing is like riding a rollercoaster that lasts all day long. Hikers and boaters are all fascinated with waterfalls because of the feelings of energy that we get while watching and listening to the flow of the water.

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Nice piece. I heard an academic presentation on recreational canoeing about 25 years ago in Houston, Texas. The researcher said that both whitewater boating and fishing were means of exploring the river; the currents and eddies. Another characteristics of all forms of recreation is contrast value. We choose recreational pursuits that are in great contrast to our daily lives; at least those pursuits that contrast most with our daily lives provide the greatest refreshment.
That's for sure! Kayaking is nothing like the indoor, sit-down work I'm doing all week. Contrast value is where its at!
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