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Return to North Table Mountain to see Coal Canyon Falls, Butte County, California USA.

Coal Canyon is gorgeous and the waterfall is breathtaking!!

(27feb2011) It was necessary to go right back! We were on a mission because our previous hike to Table Mountain was cut short by the shocking failure of my not-so-old hiking boots.

Hiking Map - North Table Mountain Ecological Reserve, Butte County, near Oroville, California.

Map user instructions. The map is interactive. Click and drag to reposition map.
• Point on the red markers to see their names. Use the tool on the left to zoom in and out.
• Map=roads. Satellite=satellite map. Terrain=3D shaded topo. Topo=topographic map.
Full-Screen Map: North Table Mountain access road and hiking area.

Geographic coordinates - landmark name.
N 39.52409 W 121.55865 - Cherokee Rd, Oroville, California (elevation 342 ft) (A)
N 39.59555 W 121.54164 - DFG Public Parking (elevation 1320 ft) (B)
N 39.60379 W 121.55756 - Ravine Twin Falls (C)
N 39.61055 W 121.56067 - Coal Canyon Fall (D)
N 39.60870 W 121.56115 - Little Coal Canyon Falls (E)

N 39.20582 W 121.82057 - Sutter Buttes (elevation 2117 ft) (F)
N 39.38334 W 122.75213 - Snow Mountain (elevation 7056 ft) (G)
N 39.43447 W 122.69347 - St John Mountain (elevation 6746 ft) (H)
N 40.18611 W 121.37556 - Ruffa Ridge (elevation 7000 ft) (I)

There were noticeably more wildflowers blooming than we had seen at
Table Mountain the previous week.

Coal Canyon, North Table Mountain
• JimH at Coal Canyon. View of Snow Mountain and St John Mountain to the west.

Coal Canyon Falls is the star attraction !!

Coal Canyon Falls, North Table Mountain
• To better appreciate the size of the waterfall notice the hikers on the rim to the right of the falls. (DoubleClick on the photo to see the large version - use the back button to return.)

More photos, map and video:
Table Mountain 2 - Hiking trip - EveryTrail - ElRemaro 27feb2011.
2011-02-27 Table Mountain photos by BRT.
Coal Canyon Falls, Table Mountain video.

The high-top gym shoes that I wore as temporary replacements for hiking boots felt fine at the start of the day, but my feet were suffering long before the end of our hike on this rocky, rugged terrain.

On the way home we stopped in Marysville, CA to eat. The dashboard navigation failed to hook us up with any good looking restaurants. We ended up making a quick stop at Jimboy's Tacos. The food there was pretty good, pretty fast and we got back on the road.

For more information:
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Next time your up on Table Mtn and want to munch down on some quick grub on your way home stop at The Boss Burger in Oroville, way better than Taco Bell or anything in Marysville
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